2017 WSAF World Championships (London, UK)

This first WSAF (World SportAikido Federation) held a unified World Championship at the University of East London between the 18-20th August 2017 and provided for three major improvements.

  • It was the first competition at this level to include Junior, Youth and Cadets competing with their own specific and age related events.
  • It was the first competition that only recognised Nation States and not associations or individual groups.
  • It was the first event organised bythe independent World Governing Body – the WSAF

The WSAF competition included Juniors (under 10 years of age), Youth players (under 16 years) and Cadets (under 19 years). Over 90 young people took part.

The level of sportsmanship was extremely high with all competitors taking defeat in good grace, just as a good martial artists should do. It is very rare that bad feeling is demonstrated at an Aikido tournament but this one was particularly noticeable for players supporting each other and giving advice and guidance to weaker players from other nations.

Finally the level and accuracy, of refereeing and judging was extremely high. The Senior Referee ensured that there was a blend of referees on each mat and officials were rotated. If officials were scheduled to referee their own national sides they were rotated out. The WSAF would like to thank the 60 officials who helped make the event so successful.